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Custom Cutting Service

With seven standard designs to choose from and the ability to design your own, a feature creates a focal point in your room.

Features are 3ft wide as standard but can be scaled up or down.












 Cartwheel with border









Next Steps

Choose your own colours

We recommend you make the background colour of your chosen feature the same as your floor, then choose remaining colours to coordinate with the finishes in your room. 


Decide on a size

You can select the size of your feature to fit perfectly into any shape of room. Our features come in a standard 3ft size, but can be scaled up or down to suit. Talk to your local retailer who can advise you on getting the right size for your space. 

Looking for a bespoke design?

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, you can design your own unique feature. Take a sketch of your idea to your nearest retailer for help creating a truly bespoke floor for your home.