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Natural Prime Oak VGW115T with a design strip border in a living room

Discover The Latest In Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Smoked School Cedar VGW138T in an open plan kitchen
Smoked School Cedar VGW138T

New Van Gogh Colorways

Van Gogh Gluedown and Rigid Core Range Icon

Enduring style. Exceptional performance. Our Van Gogh collection just got better, with nine new colorways – all available in both gluedown and rigid core for installation.

Like all our floors, each new look is inspired by wood from around the world, lovingly crafted to capture the distinctive textures and grain details that make them unique – with none of the maintenance required for hardwood flooring, and all of the performance of luxury vinyl.

From painted oak floorboards found in a Holland farmhouse to cedar planks salvaged from a private school in San Diego, every new Van Gogh colorway has a unique story, bringing the beautiful look and feel of hardwood into your home.

Learn more about Van Gogh.

Pale Limed Oak SCB-CH-KP94 chevron floor with books, a vase and flowersPale Limed Oak SCB-CH-KP94

Knight Tile

Knight Tile Gluedown and Rigid Core Range Icon

We reintroduced our effortlessly stylish Knight Tile range to offer all colors in both gluedown and rigid core, with standardized 36” x 6” planks and 12” x 18” stones.

New designs were developed from concrete, Carrara marble, Northern European oak and character oak pieces reclaimed from a wind-powered sawmill in Amsterdam. New colorways of the range’s existing Lake District slate design and Scandinavian pine design will also be available. Another design element that facilitates a quick and easy installation is the addition of a painted bevel on all Knight Tile rigid core stones.

Two Knight Tile designs – Pale Limed and Mid Limed Oaks – are available in an additional 48” x 9” chevron plank format. Easily incorporate a classic chevron pattern into your home without added install time.

Learn more about Knight Tile.

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