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Real Stories

What’s your design motivation?

Is it aesthetic, such as a throw pillow or the perfect paint chip? Or is it lifestyle, a place where you can dance around in your pajamas and your kids can play? Designing your home can be overwhelming, but our Real Home Stories will show you how other homeowners just like you made their decisions and found the simply beautiful floors they’ll love for a lifetime.

Like Marcos and Lotta. After purchasing their first home together, Marcos and Lotta got to work on a total remodel to turn their California home into their dream farmhouse. When a friend referred them to a local retailer, Lotta fell in love with Country Oak from the Van Gogh gluedown range, citing its neutral gray tones and rustic detailing. In their video, Marcos and Lotta explain how their floor set the tone for the entire home, and how it stands up to their two large dogs and daily wear and tear.

See what Karndean floors look like in other homes

We’ve teamed up with some of your favorite bloggers and online personalities so that you can see how our floors look in a variety of home environments and interior styles.


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