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Karndean Designflooring Pittsburgh Location

Our Story

From Our  Home...

It all began in 1973 when a former flooring installer created a small business from his family home.

With the belief that luxury vinyl flooring shouldn’t just be practical, it needed to be beautiful as well, Karndean was formed. The team set out to travel the world, seeking inspiration from natural materials for what now are the most realistic luxury vinyl flooring products on the market.

The Original Karndean Team with Smokey the Great Dane

The Karndean team worked out of that house for several years with the family’s trusty dog Smokey, the Great Dane who is still present on Karndean’s logo today. For the family and Karndean’s early employees — many of whom are still working with us today — these years bring back many fond memories. Today, Smokey embodies the shared qualities of a Great Dane and Karndean floor — unmistakable, protective, dependable, loyal and a pillar of the household. 

Now stretching across the globe, beyond the walls of the original house, the Karndean family and employees continue to move forward with the same passion to deliver beautiful, innovative designs for your home.

... to  Your  Home  

Designing your home can be overwhelming. There are many elements that must fit together, from furniture to flooring, to fixtures and everything in between. Where to begin?

We begin a new design with an inspiration, and we are most inspired by nature. What’s your design motivation? Is it aesthetic, such as a throw pillow or the perfect paint chip? Or is it lifestyle, a place where you can dance in your pajamas and your babies (both two- and four-legged) can roll around and play?

Open concept kitchen, dining and living room with MetroGrey RKT3007-G floors

No matter what drives you, Karndean was created with your needs in mind. We see flooring differently and by combining our original features with cutting-edge design, you can create a simply beautiful floor that you will love for a lifetime.

Our simple method will help you navigate our entire collection of flooring ranges and design your perfect floor, taking you beyond picking a color and measuring the room.


Start  designing  your dream floor!