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Create a calm sanctuary for wellbeing

Posted on the 14/04/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

Unexpectedly, we are all finding that we are spending extra time at home. Our day-to-day schedules have slowed down and our attention is focused on matters of health and security.

During this period of restrictions, our homes have increasingly become a sanctuary from the concerns of the wider world. Now is an ideal opportunity to reclaim a clear focus on wellbeing and give yourself, your family and your home some extra love and attention.

Here are our top tips for making the best use of this pause to create a calm atmosphere at home that will help you face any challenge.

1. Clear the clutter

Working through each room, tidy up and clear out any clutter. Just a few minutes spent putting things away can make a huge difference and your room will instantly appear more spacious and relaxing. Sort through kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and shelves, setting aside anything no longer needed. Store any items you still love and pack up any that can be donated to charity.

2. Tackle your to-do list

Now is an ideal time to feel in control by working through that list of tasks and minor repairs you’ve been meaning to do such as touching up paint on walls, doors and skirting boards, repairing peeling wallpaper or replacing smoke detector batteries. Get creative with leftover paint and sample pots or fabric remnants and upcycle any suitable items you cleared out when tidying up, giving them a new lease of life.

3. Deep clean

There’s nothing like the freshness of clean air to raise our spirits so throw open your windows for a short time each day. Giving your home a deep clean is very satisfying - and it’s good exercise too! So this is the perfect time to steam clean curtains and sofas, wash windows and paintwork and sweep out dusty corners. To refresh your Karndean floor, our Floor Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your floor in pristine condition.

Image:  Washed Grey Ash RKP8104

4. Shop your home

Have some fun creating a fresh new look in your home without leaving the house. It’s surprising how easy it can be to refresh your style by simply rearranging items you already have. Search your cupboards for stored items and swap around pictures, house plants or furniture to other rooms for a fresh new take. Placing a vase of flowers in each room will add a final touch of freshness and a sense of growth and vitality.

5. Dream of new projects

Image: Fumo SP216 Sunset Yellow Mood Board and Auburn Oak RL03

Plan ahead for renovation projects to be completed later in the year. Whether you’re looking to revamp one room or thinking big with an ambitious renovation of your home, now is a great time to seek out inspiration online. Our blog and social media channels are packed with plenty of design ideas and useful guides to the latest style trends to get you started. Once you’ve imagined your new look interior, why not order some free flooring samples and start a style moodboard?

We’d love to see how you’ve created a relaxing sanctuary in your home. Share your projects, large and small, with us on Instagram and Facebook.