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Guide to choosing your floor

Five easy steps to help you choose your floor

1. Look

What style suits your taste and your home?

View our style section for room ideas or play around with different floors in typical room settings with our Floorstyle tool to narrow down your taste.

2. Space

What is the size and shape of the room? Is the room bright and full of sunlight or darker with fewer windows?

Light floors make a room feel more spacious and can brighten up darker areas of your home, whilst mid-toned materials can add warmth to a space. Order samples and test them out in your room at different times of day to see how the lighting looks against your favourite products. 


3. Needs

What do you use the room for?

Have a look at our room inspiration pages to get a better idea of which of our floors will work best in your home.


4. Materials

Do you prefer the look of wood, stone or something a bit different?

When it comes to wood designs, oak and spotted gum are classic staples, but for something more unusual take a look at elm, hickory, or tigerwood. Our collection of stone look tiles include classics such as marble and limestone.

5. Colour

What colours feature most in your current decor OR what colours will you be incorporating into your newly designed space?
Natural colours are easy to match with furniture and fittings - what's more, natural designs will keep looking great as your change and update your furnishings over the years. Check out our interactive room viewer, Floorstyle, and have a play around with different wall colour and floor tones to figure out which combinations you like best for your space.

6. Size

Do you prefer skinny or wide wood planks? Smaller square or large rectangular stone tiles?

The size of your planks or tiles can be used to trick the eye into thinking that spaces are larger or smaller. For example, horizontal lines can draw the eye and make a small space seem longer. If you're looking to make a small space seem larger, we suggest going for larger and wider scale planks and tiles.

7. The Finishing Touches

Would you like to personalise your floor with design strips, borders or other bespoke features?

By using design strips and borders, you can easily zone your space and highlight architectural features. Or, go for bespoke features to make your home truly unique and original.

8. Practicality

Is the floor for a busy area in your home, such as a kitchen or entrance hall? Will there be food and drink spills such as a kitchen or dining room? Water and bubbles in the bathroom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a floor that's durable and easy to care for and keep clean. You can bet they will be able to withstand the everyday hustle and bustle of your home. Our lifetime guarantee proves it.  


9. Get some samples

Have you seen and touched your favourite products to see the colours and textures up close?

Request samples from our website, or just make a note of the product name and code and give us a call and we will get your samples in the post straight away. 


10. Contact a retailer

You've found the perfect product(s) for your space, your needs and your style. What now?

Find the retailer nearest to your home where you can learn more and find a professional floor layer to recreate your chosen look in your home. You can take images from Floorstyle, drawings in the back of our residential brochure or any other project lists and mood boards you may have with you to this visit.

If you get stuck going through the process, don't worry. We're here to help! Contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions. You can also check out our blog or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for further ideas and inspiration along the way.