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Benefits over laminate

Designflooring is a more versatile and practical alternative to laminate flooring in numerous aspects. One of the first differences you’ll notice when walking on a Karndean floor is the sound - or lack there of. You’ll find a Karndean floor much quieter than laminate underfoot, and much warmer, too! This is because designflooring is made from a vinyl composition that is soft and malleable, as opposed to laminate which is created using rigid fibreboard.

Acoustic Qualities   Warm Underfoot

Laminate flooring is not very resilient when it comes to accidents. Spills and leaks can easily damage laminate planks and drops can cause chipping and cracks. Designflooring is not easily damaged – so will stand the test of time in busy family homes and high-traffic commercial spaces alike.

Low Maintenance   Lifetime Guarantee

The most significant difference between laminate and Designflooring though is their reaction to differing environments. Laminate flooring will react substantially to changes such as moisture, heat, or cold. Moisture is absorbed by laminate and causes the planks to warp as they dry out, making use in a kitchen, bathroom, or utility room problematic. Heat and cold will also cause problems; your floor will naturally expand in the heat, which can cause buckling, and contract in the winter, which can cause splitting. Designflooring on the other hand will withstand surface water without any damage to the tile and will withstand temperature fluctuation without becoming damaged – providing a much more long-lasting and reliable solution.


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