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How to refresh your Karndean floor

Simple routine refresh of your floor

Periodically it is beneficial to give your floor some extra care with a refresh treatment that will revitalise its appearance and durability. Depending on how heavily the floor is used we recommend you consider doing this every 12-18 months.

Our Floor Care Kit contains everything you need to refresh your Karndean floor in three easy steps:

Step 1

Sweep or mop the floor to remove dust and loose particles.

Step 2

Following the instructions in our Floor Care Guide apply Karndean Remove to remove existing floor polish and ingrained dirt then rinse thoroughly.

Step 3

Once the floor is dry apply two coats of Karndean Refresh to restore the satin finish to your floor and protect the surface from marks and fine scratches.

For more tips and advice on keeping your Karndean floor looking as beautiful as the day it was installed please see our helpful hints and tips and frequently asked questions. Or explore our guides further for more information on choosing and caring for your floor.