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Everyday cleaning of your floor

How to take care of you Karndean floor

One of the biggest benefits of having Karndean flooring in your home is that it’s so easy to look after.

Once installation has been completed your floor fitter will advise when you can walk on the new floor and clean it for the first time.

To keep your floor looking its best follow these simple cleaning steps:

Step 1

With a soft brush or damp mop remove any loose dirt and debris. If you wish to use a vacuum cleaner we recommend checking with the manufacturer to make sure it's suitable for use on a Karndean floor.

Step 2

Regular cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner such as Karndean Clean will help keep your floor looking its best. Add 50ml of Karndean Clean (1 notch represents 50ml) to approximately 8-10 litres of water.

Step 3

Mop this solution onto the whole floor and remove any excess liquid.


Stubborn stains can be removed by spot cleaning with concentrated Karndean Clean and a non-abrasive scouring pad.

Step 4:

Allow your floor to completely dry before walking on it.

For further help and advice please read our Floor Care Guide, our helpful hints and tips and frequently asked questions.

Why not explore our guides for more information on choosing and caring for your floor.