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A guide to choosing your floor

Five easy steps to help you choose your floor

1. Review your space

Does your room have characteristics you want to enhance or disguise?

Choosing a lighter toned floor will help a small or dark room look brighter and more spacious, while a mid-toned shade will add warmth to a room that feels cold. If you have a narrow or awkwardly shaped room, changing the laying pattern of the flooring can visually alter the dimensions of your space.

Looselay in a hallway

2. Be true to your style

Are you drawn to the warmth of wood, the elegance of stone or prefer a quirky abstract design? Our extensive collection of flooring offers something for all tastes.

It’s easy to explore our full catalogue of designs. Simply filter for your preferred characteristics to see the designs that will most suit your home. Then why not view your favourite designs in your own space with our Floorstyle room visualiser design tool.

Korlok in an open plan kitchen

3. Personalise your floor

By introducing different laying patterns, design strips, borders and other bespoke features you can create a space that is uniquely you. The flexibility of Karndean flooring means that the only limit is your imagination.

Art Select in an open plan kitchen

4. Order design samples

The best way to appreciate the authentic beauty and texture of our flooring is to hold it in your hands. This is why we offer full size and free chip samples. Simply order a selection of your favourite designs and we will post your samples direct to your home.

5. Find your local retailer

Our extensive network of independent retail partners is on hand for an enhanced shopping experience. Your friendly and knowledgeable local retailer can help you select your perfect Karndean floor, offer free samples and provide a professional fitting service. Simply enter your postcode to find your local retailers.

Don’t forget, we're always here to help! Check out our blog and social media for style inspiration or book a free personal phone or video consultation with one of our dedicated design consultants.