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Life is lived on these floors

A Karndean floor is designed for every life.

Memories are made here

Your home is full of life. Life’s ups and downs, comings and goings. Which is why you need a floor that will be with you every step of the way.

Designed to stand up to the busiest of homes, your Karndean floor can cope with everything family life throws at it – sometimes even literally!


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When you choose a Karndean floor, you can design a home that is uniquely you and reflects your individuality. With a timeless elegance and durability you can rely on, your Karndean floor will effortlessly support you through all of life’s moods and phases as you realise your hopes and dreams.

There’s no need to worry about life’s everyday wear and tear. Karndean flooring is designed to last a lifetime so you can get on with living yours.

Spills and splashes? Our flooring is waterproof so you can simply wipe up any mess. Allergens and microbes? Our floors offer no place to hide for a safe, hygienic surface. Toys, furniture and shoes? A special surface treatment gives our flooring exceptional resilience to scratches and scrapes. Noisy play? Our rigid core and loose lay ranges include a pre-attached acoustic layer for a quieter life.

Karndean floors are designed for living. Every single moment of every single day for every different life.