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Our Ranges Explained

Whether your home style is classic, transitional or anything in-between, there is a unique Karndean design and colour to suit your space.


Korlok Select_RGB_Rigid Core.png  

Woods and Stones with a

Soul and a Story

Korlok Select woods and stones and Korlok Reserve woods each have a soul and a story behind them, with timeless designs that emit casual luxury – all in a skillful and authentic finish.

Browse the Korlok range. 


Art Select Range Icon TN.png

Effortlessly Stylish and

Full of Character


The Art Select range is full of charm and character, allowing you to bring the beauty of real wood and natural stone to life in your home. Intricate designs, hand-carved embosses and distinctive beveled edges add refined elegance to these classic woods and stones.

Browse the Art Select range.


Da Vinci Range Icon small.png

The Essence of Tradition with

Classic Appeal


Our Da Vinci range features traditional plank and tile designs in both traditional and contemporary colours. The products’ wide beveled edges and light surface finish, creating a traditional look with a modern twist. Looks within this range have been heavily influenced by reclaimed materials and the aging processes applied to achieve a rustic finish.

Browse the Da Vinci range.



Enduring American Style

and Performance


Woods within the Van Gogh range showcase enduring American style and performance while capturing nature in its rawest form. Large planks, distinctive grain details and a subtle texture create a style that works in any space. All Van Gogh designs are available in our gluedown format and a selection are available in rigid core.

Learn more about our Van Gogh multi-format options.


Opus Range Icon small.png

Sought-after Designs Tailored to

Modern Trends


The Opus range is comprised of sought-after wood and stone designs tailored to modern trends, allowing you to create a fresh, contemporary space with natural elegance. With a wide variety of colour tones, you can achieve a sense of simplicity with any colour scheme.

Browse the Opus range. 


Knight Tile Range Icon small.png

Effortlessly Stylish with

Universal Appeal


The Knight Tile range is filled with effortlessly stylish American classics that have universal appeal, ensuring there’s something for everyone. All Knight Tile visuals are available in our gluedown format, with a selection also available in rigid core.

Which Knight Tile format is right for you?


LooseLayLB_RGB_Loose Lay.png LooseLay_RGB_Loose Lay.png

Where Classic Charm Meets

Contemporary Sophistication

Our loose lay ranges Karndean LooseLay and LooseLay Longboard are where classic charm meets contemporary sophistication and includes traditional and contemporary oaks, fashionable rustics and travertine and slate effect tiles.

Explore the LooseLay collection.